According to research that has been conducted regarding the type of food that is most suitable for hedgehogs, it has been discovered that hedgehogs are mostly insectivorous. However, they sometimes consume any type of food that is available which make some of the people to conclude that these animals are omnivorous. If you own a hedgehog as a pet, you should not worry since we have all the issues regarding its diet covered. These animals are very selective but the fact that they consume a variety of foods in the wild has aroused arguments on hedgehog food.


Hedgehogs are mostly known to feast on various forms of meals like fruits, frogs, baby mice, slugs, tiny snakes, worms, fish, frogs, baby mice, slugs and insects. This makes them not picky eaters. If you have a hedge as a pet, you should try as much as you can in order to provide a meal that is rich in proteins in order to make it healthy. The amount that you provide to each hedge is not constant. The variance largely depends on the pet’s rate of metabolism as wells as the activities that it is involved in. hedges that play a lot require a lot of food in order to survive which means that they will consume more compared to their dormant counterparts. However, having a very fat hedge is not recommended. It simply means that you should limit the amount and the types of foods that you give to the hedge. Always cut back some portion of the meals if the hedge gets fat than usual.

The foods that you give to your pet should always be nutritious. This is because just like humans, hedges require various types of nutrients for survival. Providing the right amount and type of nutrients will make your hedge healthy, comfortable and physically fit hence giving you a happy partner for a very long period of time. Therefore, apart from providing a comfortable cage and good substrate, the right diet goes a long way in ensuring the survival of the pet.

The right type of food for the hedgehogs has been a very controversial issue for a very long time. This has been steered by the fact that most people are preferring to keep hedgehogs as pets alone or alongside other animals. However, before the introduction of the best food for hedgehogs in the vet stores, these animals had for a long time been feeding on dry hedgehog or cat food. This type of food is commercially available but finding it in the pet stores is not easy. If it is not available, you can make use of a chicken or meat dry cat food as the next alternative in order to keep your animal healthy. It is very rich in proteins and these are some of the nutrients that your pet largely requires for survival. This type of food should be the primary diet for your pet.

Other times, you can make use of moist food as a diet for your pet. Canned dog or cat food serves this purpose very well. However, you should make sure that the food that you acquire has high protein contents and that it is made from meat. This provides your pet with the high amount of proteins that it needs for survival.

Moreover, fruits and vegetables make a very ideal diet for your pet. It is essential to ensure that you add a little proportion of vegetables or fruits to the hedge’s diet. Of the foods that you can add to the diet may include carrots, apples, corn, peas and beans. However, you may have a pet that is very selective hence it is necessary to try a variety of vegetables and fruits. However, fruits and vegetables should always be provided in small proportions hence creating the necessity of avoiding overfeeding the pet with these types of food.

Treats can also be used as foods for the hedge. Moderation should be highly considered when adding variety to the hedge’s diet. Some of the best treats are made of insects like mealworms and crickets. You can also give the hedge some moist dog or cat food as treats. Some cooked food like chicken, hamburger, and eggs also make good treats. Moreover, always ensure that there is a stoppered bottle of clean and fresh water in the cage.

Every animal requires food for survival. However, the best food is the one that the diet has been considered. Hedgehogs should always be provided with enough foods and the right diet that provides them with the necessary minerals for survival. Always make sure that they have enough proteins from meat and that they consume fruits and vegetables for the best results.