They say that bald is beautiful, yes that is true but just because your scalp is bare, it doesn’t mean that you are immune from dryness, flaky skin, irritation, sunburns and ingrown hair. You need to look after your bald head properly to keep it at its beautiful best. Here are some caring tips that you can follow so you can keep your bald head looking beautiful as ever:

Undecided whether to use a razor or electric shave? Here are some pointers to consider so you can decide which one to get.


Electric Shaver

Electric shaver no matter the brand and style offers one thing in common and that is speed and convenience. It is just up to you to choose which one to get. In the event that you have decided to purchase one, the best one to get is the multi-purpose type that you can use to shave your face and your head. If you opt for the electric shaver, make sure that the device you buy is suitable for head shaving and has a very flexible shaver head. Some electric shavers can be used wet, with or without shaving creams for bald heald and foams, particularly useful for the sensitive scalp.


Shaving your head can be a little time consuming especially if you are the type of person who is always on the go but if you want to get the closest possible shave, then using a manual razor is the way to go. Choose one with a flexible head if you want to get the best shaving experience. Whatever you choose, you must ensure that the blades are good and sharp to minimize irritation and follow the procedure for shaving your head with a razor, outlined further on.

Pre-shave oil

Do you have sensitive skin particularly on the scalp? If you do, then using pre-shave oil is highly recommended for you to avoid having dry scalp after shaving. Using pre-shave oil is important you shave with a razor, as the blade travels across your skin it removes the top layer along with the hair it is shaving.​ A good pre-shave oil will help the smooth glide of the razor and give a barrier between blade and skin to minimize the risk of razor burn.

Shaving Soap or Cream

Using your face soap might appear to be the quickest and most economic option but you might end up having a dry and flaky head in the end. Shaving soap is designed for a good lather for shaving​will be less likely to cause dry, flaky skin. Using a shaving cream will aid the razor glide smoothly while keeping the skin soft and hydrated.

Aftershave Cream

Some aftershave cream has high alcohol content thus making the skin very dry. Avoid this kind of aftershave and go for the ones with essential oils o act as an antiseptic but without the dehydrating properties of alcohol-based lotions.